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Welcome, and long may we walk in the light of Led Zeppelin!

Everyone knows that Led Zeppelin was the greatest band to ever rock the planet, of course. This humble page is meant to honor them. I am trying to the best of my mortal ability to do justice to the gods of rock. I've been working on this page for quite a while, but I'm by no means done, or even close! My work will continue, and I keep hoping that one day this page shall be a shrine worthy of the gods of rock!

Background on the four symbols

Things to do and see:

Page and Plant's 1998 Tour Dates
If you're still interested, the dates for the Walking into Clarksdale Tour.
Zep in '69 The Page/Plant Concert I Went To
See a setlist and summary of the July 8 concert.
My Led Zeppelin Survey
Vote for your favorite Led Zeppelin song and album!
Understanding Stairway to Heaven
An...interesting translation of Stairway. It's really funny.
Led Zeppelin Lyrics
Lyrics to all the songs of the great 9 and Walking into Clarksdale.
BBC Sessions Overview
A track list and some information on the most recent "official" Zep album.
Guitar Tablature
My library's small, but come check it out anyway!
The IV Symbols
An explanation of what the symbols from the fourth album mean.
Led Zeppelin Quotes
The gods of rock have taught us much...
For Badgeholders Only
Join the Led Zeppelin mailing list!
Led Zeppelin Discography
Release dates and tracks for the Led Zeppelin albums.
Whoa, it's them again! My Led Zeppelin MIDI's
See my library.
Led Zeppelin Chronology
Important dates in Led Zeppelin's history.
Led Links
Some links to other cool Zeppelin-related pages.
Led Zeppelin Trivia
Take the Rockmall Trivia Challenge!
Man, you'd think the page was about them or something Tshirt Now
Led Zep and Page/Plant clothing from Tshirt Now!

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Links to Cool Shareware

Kashmir Font
Download the Kashmir font, available for Windows and Macintosh.
Led Zeppelin Screen Saver
A Zeppelin screen saver -- rotating album covers.
Zeppelin Desktop Theme for Win 95
This contains all sorts of neat things.
Noteworthy Composer for Win 95
A really cool program you can use to write MIDI's.

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Any suggestions are absolutely welcome. If you like this page, let me bask in your praise. If you don't like it, go ahead and tear down my self-esteem. Send suggestions or critiques to kashmir09@aol.com.

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