Here's a list of some important dates in Led Zeppelin's history. I got this from the back of the book that came with the "Led Zeppelin Interview Disc and Illustrated Book". That's my way of saying that I didn't find all this out on my own, and crediting them at the same time. I tried to reword as much of it as possible to avoid plagairism, but it can be hard to do. So, if anyone official is seeing this and getting pissed off, just tell me and I'll get rid of this page. But anyway, here it is.

January 9, 1944
James Patrick Page born Heston in Middlesex, UK.
January 3, 1946
John Paul Jones (Baldwin) born Sidcup in Kent, UK.
May 31, 1948
John Henry Bonham born Redditch in Worcestershire, UK.
August 20, 1948
Robert Anthony Plant born West Bromwich in Staffordshire, UK.

January 1963
Jimmy Page plays his first record session, on Jet & Tony's 'Diamonds'.
June 1966
Jimmy Page joins the Yardbirds, playing bass guitar.
November 1966
Jimmy Page takes Jeff Beck's place playing lead guitar with the Yardbirds.
March 1967
John Bonham and Robert Plant begin playing together in the Band of Joy.
August 1968
Jimmy Page asks Robert Plant to sing with the New Yardbirds.
September 1968
The New Yardbirds rehearse with Jimmy Page on guitar, Robert Plant singing vocals, John Paul Jones on bass, and John Bonham on drums.
September 14, 1968
The New Yardbirds debut show in Copenhagen, Denmark.

October 1968
The debut album Led Zeppelin was recorded at Olympic Studios in Barnes, London.
October 17, 1968
First appearance under the name Led Zeppelin, at Surrey University.
November 1968
Led Zeppelin signs to Atlantic Records.
December 26, 1968
First American show, in Denver, Colorado.
January 17, 1969
Led Zeppelin released in America.
March 25, 1969
Led Zeppelin filmed for Super Session movie in Staines, England.
October 31, 1969
Led Zeppelin II released.
October 23, 1970
Led Zeppelin III released.
March 5, 1971
Led Zeppelin first performs "Stairway to Heaven" live, at Ulster Hall, Belfast, N. Ireland.
November 12, 1971
Led Zeppelin IV released.
November 20, 1972
100,000 tickets sold in one day for a UK tour.
March 26, 1973
Houses of the Holy released.
May 5, 1973
Led Zeppelin plays for 56,800 fans in Tampa Stadium, Florida.
July 29, 1973
Led Zeppelin robbed of $203,000 at the Drake Hotel in New York City.
May 10, 1974
Led Zeppelin launches the Swan Song logo.
February 24, 1975
Physical Graffiti, a double album, is released.
May 17, 1975
The first of five shows at London's Earls Court arena.
August 4, 1975
Robert Plant was seriously injured in a car crash in Rhodes.
April 5, 1976
Presence released.
October 20, 1976
World premier of the Led Zeppelin movie The Song Remains the Same.
April 1, 1977
Led Zeppelin's eleventh tour opens in Dallas, Texas.
July 23, 1977
Led Zeppelin entourage was involved in a fight backstage at the Oakland Coliseum.
July 26, 1977
Robert Plant's son Karac dies at home in England. The US tour is cancelled.
August 4, 1979
The first of two appearances in Knebworth, Herts, England. These would be their last shows in Britain.
August 20, 1979
In Through the Out Door, Led Zeppelin's last studio album, released.
June 17, 1980
Led Zeppelin's last European tour starts at Westfalen Halle, Dortmund, Germany.
September 25, 1980
John Bonham was found dead at Jimmy Page's home in Windsor, Berkshire.
December 4, 1980
Led Zeppelin announces their break-up.
November 22, 1981
Coda released.
July 13, 1985
Reunion of Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham on drums during Live Aid at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia.
October 29, 1990
54-track boxed set, Led Zeppelin, digitally remastered by Jimmy Page, released. The world's interest in the group is rekindled.
September 1993
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are concentating on solo projects. Meanwhile the remaining 31 Led Zeppelin tracks are issued on Led Zeppelin Boxed Set 2. There are rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion.
Spring of 1994
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are rumored to be uniting to play together. Unplugged session is coming up.
November 18, 1997
BBC Sessions, a double CD, is released.
Page and Plant back together for the '98 Walking into Clarksdale Tour! The world rejoiced!

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