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Screw King Robot
An "accidental" G-16 platform
or, insight into how boring our Saturdays truly are

This did not begin on purpose. That much should be said, to give us a little saving grace.

Well, it all started on Saturday, 8 April 2000 when were sitting around watching the Matrix. It was myself, Ken, my brother Jeremy, Lee, and Noe. Jer had only seen the movie once or twice, and didn't fully understand the concept of the movie, so Ken and I were explaining it to him. The concept of "screwing King Robot" came up. The G-16 force (me, Ken, and Jer) held up one end, while Noe tried to argue otherwise. Lee did a good job listening.

The Proposal:
The AI (controlled by, as Jer termed him, "King Robot") has enslaved the human race. They use human beings as batteries to sustain themselves. In the movie, when Neo and Trinity are going back into the Matrix to save Morpheus, they load up a gun program. They take the guns loaded in the program into the Matrix.

Now, what's to stop someone from loading up a nuclear bomb program and bringing that into the Matrix? From the scene shown where they tear up the bottom floor of the building, we learn that they have no real concern for human life. Why not just detonate a bunch of nukes? It would kill every human in the Matrix, destroying the computer's source of power and hence its livelihood.

The Arguments:
Counterpoints to Noe's arguments are in italics.

In Conclusion:
In conclusion, nuking the Matrix and screwing King Robot is a good idea. When it's all over, the ships can all connect together with gangplanks and whatnot, and have a big block party orgy. Hey, we just killed a lot of people. Best get an early start!