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Evan: Noe, you have to roll stamina. You're ten stories up and dizzy from vertigo.
Noe: But my demeanor is rebel. Isn't that really rebelling against gravity?
Evan: Rebels aren't lemmings, Noe.

Noe: What would happen if I botched this effect?
Rob: All the voices in your head from this land, the other realms, and the winds would howl in your mind and drive you insane.
Noe: (2-3 second pause) Okay, cool!

Rob: What are you doing here?
Lee: I have to save the world. That's it.

"Can you imagine how suck that much it would?"


(to Noe) Shut your damn mouth.


Jen: It may have been a total fuckup, but you gotta give me an A for style.
Phil: Yeah, I'll give you that. I've known some VA's, but you do the most sneaky, underhanded, stick in the ass things I've ever seen.