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Credit goes to those responsible for the existence of this page. What a dubious honor...

All HTML and Java Script was coded by Jenny Stedman.
Beta testing was provided by Noe More and Lee Sateren.
The Freedom's Flame banner was provided by Lee Sateren.
Each background and paradigm was written by the character's player.
Thanks for my constant background music, "Bohemian Rhapsody," go to Queen.
Work intermission was provided for me by hacking the web site of Brett Ramsburg.

Inspiration was provided by my Mage troupe:
Robert Bickford, Dakotah Bowie, Rachelle Brown, Rebecca Brown, Kenneth Campbell, Frank Duvall, Anton Kromoff, Evan Marsteller, Noe More, and Lee Sateren.

This site wouldn't be what it is now without you all, and whether or not you're proud of that is your prerogative. Of course, whether or not you even want to be assoicated with me is also your prerogative. However, short of hacking the site (go ahead and try!), you're STUCK HERE!!! Muahahaha!

Thanks all of you!