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Most recent goings on...

This page is purely experimental, and will test out whether or not I have the patience to do it. If not, the page will quickly fade out into the nothingness it sprang from. It should sort of explain itself.


Our cabal has been confonted by a Hermetic barabbi who wants to play a game with high stakes. If we win a series of contests, we recieve freedom from the Technocracy for a year, an unoccupied horizon realm, and some virgin web. If we lose, he gets the souls of Noe, Lee, Evan, and me. One match is to be held in consensual reality, one in the Digital Web, and one in the Deep Umbra. Best 2 out of 3 wins.

[Consensual Reality] [Digital Web] [Deep Umbra]

Consensual Reality
Game session: Saturday 14 August.
Time: Fight in consensual reality.
Participants: Rachelle, Rebecca, Evan, Noe, Lee, and myself.
Cool event of the game: Lightning chain reaction...
Paradox magnet of the game: Noe. I think he got 6 or so in one shot after throwing Brighthawk's spirit into a tree.

Halloween night, the assault began. The barabbi came with a legion of undead, to attack us on our own turf. A detrimental decision, really. While the AK Bro's were multi-tasking and the like, I used the Wall of Mirrors rote and ended up covering the entire chantry (5 successes is a wonderful thing). Meanwhile Brighthawk had conjured up a storm. The undead started coming, and so everyone with any kind of control over forces started throwing bolts down onto the undead. The barrabi threw one at Brighthawk, and I threw one at the barrabi. Both failed their soak rolls and...died. Everyone lent Noe power and he grabbed Brighthawk's spirit before it went. The barrabi did go, though, which gave us three months of recuperation/preparation time instead of the contractual one.

Digital Web
Game session: 21 August, afternoon.
Time: Downtime before the fight in the Digital Web.
Participants: Rachelle, Rebecca, Kenneth, Anton, Evan, Noe, Lee, and myself.
Cool event of the game: Lee flying-kicked the hood off of an SUV, effectively transforming it into a convertible while knocking it 10' backwards and ending up with the driver in his hands (alive).
Paradox magnet of the game: Me...6 in the scene for teleporting people.

We got invited to a party at a pretty popular club, as the guests of honor. So, we decided to go to the mall and get appropriate attire. While there, we met Anton's character, a Son of Ether. He and Rachelle began to play good-natured pranks on one another, but eventually a weapon was drawn (not naming the guilty party). The security guards came. Rachelle and Anton ran. The guards caught up with Rachelle and pulled guns. Rebecca desintegrated one and I changed the gunpowder in the others' bullets into powdered sugar. Lee, in the meantime, kicked the hood off of the cops' SUV, knocking it about ten feet backwards, letting Rachelle escape. He then dropped the driver, who ended up in his arms alive and well, and ran off into the night. Rachelle got away, and since Anton wasn't part of the cabal we weren't too concerned with him. Rebecca and Kenneth had also gone home, but the police sealed all the exits off before Evan, Noe, or me could leave. Evan was buying "his boys" silk Armani suits while Noe and I went to the food court to get some food.

My correspondence sense picked up Rachelle surrounded by police officers. I changed my sunglasses speakers to the frequency of the police cars and Noe altered his voice to sound like the police chief, an Iteration X agent that has never really liked us. We told them there was an officer down at a nearby building and all possible backup was requested. They left, but the chief happened to be in the building at the time...a voice came over the mike: "Your asses are mine". And he was close.

The "oh shit" reflex then kicked in and we both bounced. Me with my quick return program, Noe trying to rip into the Umbra. He failed, though, so I tried to pull him back. I failed, then tried again just as the chief was coming around the corner. It succeeded. Rachelle got home, Evan walked home later, and the others were already there. Everyone was ready to party!!!

Game session: 21 August continued, evening-midnight.
Time: Downtime before the fight in the Digital Web.
Participants: Rachelle, Rebecca, Kenneth, Anton, Evan, Lee, and myself.
Cool event of the game: I guess when me and Becca did more damage to a passing car than it did to us.
Paradox magnet of the game: Me again. 6 more for teleporting and cool looking party clothes.

The party was imminent. We were all clad in varying attire, me being the only one willing to take the paradox for cool clothing. We made our way there and everyone was admitted except for Noe who was wearing hick clothes. He accepted their spare clothing, only to take it off later and get kicked out. So, Noe was only in the scene for a few minutes. We were pretty much enjoying ourselves; ironically I was the only sober one a few hours into the party. It was then that this disheveled guy came up to my table (me, Rachelle, and Brighthawk) asking for help. He was directed to me, and I asked him what was wrong. He was really paranoid, and said he needed someone taken out, and something returned. Evan was the expert assassin, so I motioned for him to come over. Evan tried to mind probe the man, who detected his attempt and put a knife to his throat, telling him to stop. So, Evan tried again.

The man put the knife through his neck and bolted. I followed right after him, but the others were behind by about a minute. Brighthawk and Rachelle healed Evan while we gave chase. I used magick to trip him after we were a ways from the club. After insisting adamantly that I wasn't going to hurt him, that my friend was stupid, and that I wanted to help him, he turned on me and hit me with a Forces effect that threw me back about 50'. I hurt pretty bad just from first impact, but to make matters worse I crashed into Rebecca, who was coming to help me. The force threw us both out into the street where we were knocked unconscious by a passing car.

Brighthawk's life sense detected it, and he rushed outside and healed us both back to perfect health with one extremely vulgar effect. We both came to a little slowly. The shock made it seem like we were in as bad a condition as we had previously been in. Brighthawk passed out, while Lee had caught the guy I was chasing. He brought both back to the limo we'd gone to the club in. He got in, as did Evan's "boys", Kenneth, and Rachelle. An ambulance had been called, and Rebecca and I were put in despite feeble insistence that we were okay. Evan tried to talk the paramedics out of it, but they would not be swayed. So, Evan crawled under the ambulance and held on after they drove away. Only a few minutes passed before Evan fell off during a sharp turn. That was about the time I really came to, and I saw that our paramedics were scalpel-wielding guys with green eyes. I would have done something about it, too, if I wasn't tied securely down to the stretcher. I figured anything I could do sans focus (Correspondence only) would be extremely vulgar, so I just teleported Rebecca and myself out of the car before the operation could begin.

Meanwhile, in the limo, the doors were all locked and the glass between the cabins was up with no signs of going down. Lee started Do maneuvers on it while Kenneth grew claws and started tearing at the window. Little progress was made, so Kenneth tore through the roof and went towards the other cabin. By then, Lee had broken through the window. In the next cabin, there was gas in the air and Evan's "boys" were dead. A sharp turn knocked Kenneth off of the car and the gas started spilling into the next cabin. Brighthawk made the door disappear and the escape was complete. A hectic end to a hectic day.

Game session: 22 August.
Time: Downtime before the fight in the Digital Web.
Participants: Rachelle, Kenneth, Frank, Anton, Evan, Lee, and myself.
Cool event of the game: The security system Sparkplug and I designed worked!!!
Paradox magnet of the game: Rachelle. Botching a Healing effect sucks. 4 points I think.

Uneventful really. Anton came looking for us again. He tried to pick the lock, which was routed directly into the circuit breaker by me and a Son of Ether friend with a flair for electricity. Needless to say, he was knocked back across the street, through the next house. Frank rushed to the vulgar rescue, telekinetically bringing him home. Brighthawk was tending to his familiar, who had kindly eaten my paradox, so he sent Rachelle to heal Anton. She failed badly, so I helped her. He came to, paradox backhanded us again, and Anton was okay. We BS'ed around for awhile, and Brighthawk announced that it was training time for Evan and Lee. While Frank, Rachelle, and I were talking to Anton, there was a knock at the door. The Iteration X chief. And he wanted to talk to me. I spoke with him, relaying the situation involving the assault by the paramedics. He checked into it and left, with the warning that I (and my friends) would stop causing so much chaos (all in all it WAS an extremely paradox-ish night). I said that desperate times call for desperate measures, and he replied that I wouldn't want to be around when his desperate measures showed up.

A couple of weeks passed and the day of our war drew near. I got a package from Dante with some high-tech VR equipment. We split them up between those of us whose souls were on the line and went into the Digital Web to try them out. I met up with Dante, who had mustered an impressive force to help us in our fight. The rest of the week was spent practicing with the VR rigs. The fight would begin momentarily.