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What's new...

This seemed like a reasonably good idea, and helps me out occasionally on my homepage. Plus it proves that work is getting done! So, enjoy.


24 August 1999
More work done. I pulled the AK sign into Photo Suite and filled all the white in with dark grey. It took a frickin' HOUR! Now the text on Evan's and Lee's character sheets are legible. I added a page for the history of our chantry. I also totally ditched the second cabal page since I realized that there is, in truth, only one sub-cabal. I updated the cabal history page. BTW chapter one of the exploits should be uploaded by tomorrow. I also totally remade the All Seeing Eye page. It includes us all and has space for the character sheets, backgrounds, and paradigms that I haven't (ahem) gotten yet. Lee's text color was changed to a shade he likes, and I fixed the links on the FF members' sheets. I also changed all the page heads' font colors to red. Lastly I added Queen to my thanks page, since I've listened to "Bohemian Rhapsody" 50+ times while making this site. I've been thinking of adding more detail to the character sheets included here, i.e. equipment and style.

23 August 1999
So what if the page hasn't been updated? I was gaming Friday, Saturday, and yesterday. A lot. So, some character sheets are updated. And I worked a HELL of a long time on my "recent events" page which almost narrates what has happened to us lately. I'm proud of that page and later on today (it's 5:12 AM right now) I'm going to fix it so it's even more eye-appealing. That's it.

18-19 August 1999
Been a while...mostly I've been changing superficial stuff that no one sees anyway. I reorganized my Mage folder so it's not all cluttered. I also added my thanks page, in which I give accolades to my cohorts. Thanks to all of you. Other hacker stuff like my personalization of Brett's page has been going on, which is only marginally related to this site. It was something I did in between page editing. What can I say, I got bored. Seriously, a lot of this in between time was spent gaming, so some of the character sheets are updated.

Friday, 13 August 1999
I fixed all these screwed up dates (thanks Noe for noticing that I was a day off), and all seems to be well now. I also started a page for our chronicles, though I am reconsidering posting my work online...

12 August 1999
My main page doesn't SUCK!!! I drew up a banner for the main page and am awaiting a decision from the other cabal so it isn't banner-lonely. I also added a page for my chronicles. Uploads will be on the way soon. ::It's like 4:30 AM, I should get to sleep...SLEEP??? A HACKER??? Muahahaha I think not!:: I'm too tired to write coherently as is fairly obvious from the condition of this entry. I'll be back around noon probably.

11 August 1999
All the links are working now. Yeah!!! I have a rambling mess of a main page that I threw together so there was something there...what I really need is a title for the frickin' site. One that doesn't suck. Anyway, I also added a counter and guestbook. And I drew a kewl banner for the Freedom's Flame cabal page.

10 August 1999
I've started adding pages whose links were, until recently, defunct. I wrote this page today (please don't ask why the ninth is the first date when I wrote this page on the tenth, I just work enigmatically). I'm also writing a main page so all the legal information is there, and I may also add a table of characters for the other cabal (which still has no name). None of the links are gonna work, though. Oh well.

9 August 1999
This entire Mage project came into being. I set up the frames and wrote our cabal history. My document files are coming along and will probably be available for download by Friday. I created the page for my cabal (even though I lead both, I consider FF to be MY cabal.) and attached our character sheets. I also added character backgrounds for myself and Noe, who was good enough to write one for me. On a whim, I wrote out my character's paradigm, because it was an idea I had been toying with the day before, while trying to come up with cabal names.