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"Accomplishments" of the Cabal...

We've been around for a few years. And, we've got some stories. Some are quasi-exciting, others are humorous and entertaining.

Enough, though. I have begun to write a history of our cabal. I am finished with section 5, and section 1 lacks maybe half a page of work. So it will be along soon.
    Table of Contents
  1. Men in Black/HIT Mark run-in
  2. Tremere Infestation
  3. Garou Fiasco
  4. Digital Web
  5. Chantry Assault/Aftermath
  6. Chantry Recovery
  7. Mischance with Local Law
  8. Deal with the Devil
Note that since I wrote these, all the texts are first person. It may skew the facts a little, but I think it makes for a better perspective on the story (first person, that is, not my view). Enjoy...I'll get the pages uploaded and linked as soon as they're written.