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Robert Noe, Orphan

I was always an outcast. I still am for the most part, but command respect nonetheless. I see the world in two forms, Mystical and the Scientific. Here is how I see the world.

Reality is layers stacked upon layers. It is full of variables that make each object different; people and spirits have nearly the same overall structure. The only difference is that they have Reality 2, whereas ours is Reality 1.

Magick is nothing more than changing variables, cutting and pasting a new reality into the one that exists.

Arete: how good are you at math? How sharp are your scissors? How strong is your glue? How much do you know about the world?

Quintessence, plain and simple, is extra paper and glue.

You get Paradox if your cuttings and pastings are really obvious. The big teacher in the sky then proceeds to smack you in the back of the head.

The spheres: different ways of changing the variables.

Correspondence- From what I gather, this is the folding the paper. (Scientific)

Entropy- The flow of events caused by the inability to perceive everything at once. (Mystical/Scientific)

Forces- What keeps this world going. (Scientific)

Life- A group comprised of the organisms that populate Reality 1. (Scientific)

Mind- The control and altering of the thoughts of yourself and others. (Scientific/Mystical)

Matter- Everything that isn't alive and you can hold in your hands. (Scientific)

Prime- Glue and extra paper. (Mystical)

Spirit- Reality 2 and how to change it. (Mystical)

Time- The flow of events caused by not being able to perceive every thing at once. (Mystical/Scientific)

The Traditons/Conventions: The organazations that wouldn't accept me.

Akashic Brotherhood- Let's stop contemplating ourselves and kill some Technocrats.

Celestial Chorus- God never existed in the first place, so get the hell out of my way.

Cult of Ecstasy- All play and no work leads to stagnation.

Dreamspeakers- Cool but a little too backasswards for me.

Euthantos- Excuse me, but who gave you the right to kill people? Yourself, you say?

Order of Hermes- Pull the stick out of your ass already.

Sons of Ether- Cool, but it's too bad they get pissed off like all the others when their students are smarter than them.

Verbena- Cool but a little too backasswards for me.

Virtual Adepts- Cool. Their Digital Web is fun.

Progenitors- Cool ideas, but they don't want anyone to be different from anyone else. Die you commie bastards.

Iteration X/NWO/Syndicate- Die you commie bastards.

Void Engineers- I almost signed up before Child of the Wyld told me that they are dealing with some bad shit out in the deep Umbra. They're in way over their heads.