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Lee, Akashic Brother

Well, I am the big man. To perfect the body you most perfect the mind. With the knowledge of Do (The Way), this can be achieved through rigorous training of the mind and body.

Reality is a jigsaw puzzle put together by the ripples of one's imagination. The only limit is what they think can be accomplished.

Magick is pulling out the pieces of the puzzle and replacing them with your own.

Arete is how many pieces of the puzzle you can pull at once.

Quintessence is the helping hand of replacing those pieces.

Paradox is what occurs when you replace too many of those pieces or mess up when you try to replace them.

Spheres are what you use to replace those pieces and rebuild them.

Correspondence: is the guiding hand with which you pull the pieces.

Entropy: is what determines the piece you pull.

Forces: is the wind the pulls the old pieces out and replaces them with your own.

Life: is the animals and people displayed in the puzzle.

Mind: is the power of viewing the puzzle as a whole, instead of seeing only pieces.

Matter: Every piece is made of something...

Prime: is the permanent solution to the puzzle.

Spirit: is all around us, and it is what in us. Besides, we are in the puzzle too.

Time: is how long it took to build the puzzle and how long it takes to replace its pieces.

The Traditions and Conventions: the groups of people we befriend ourselves with and defend ourselves against.

Celestial Chorus: their faith in God is what gives them power. They provide relief, but you can not count on them for help in a war.

Cult of Ecstasy: they throw the best parties.

Dreamspeakers: I thought dreams meant something, but this is a ridicules bunch of idiots.

Euthantos: The war between us still exists. I will be delivering the final blow to them.

Order of Hermes: You stupid pricks think you are the bad asses of magick. If I had the time of day to care I would lube that stick in some K-Y jelly and shove it up your ass cockeyed.

Sons of Ether: Cool...but what are you doing?

Verbena: Orgy!! Wow, let's play with the blood.

Virtual Adepts: Way too high tech for me.

Iteration X/NWO/Progenitors/Syndicate: What is your problem? No one can have any fun with you bastards around!

Void Engineers: So, you're the bad asses in the deep Umbra I hear about...