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Lee, Akashic Brother

Well, I canít remember much about my childhood, except for a few random memories. I remember getting burned in the eye by a cigarette at the age of five, and I remember jumping of a table that sat a foot and a half of the ground and cracking my head open. Then my parents got divorced and I lived with my mom behind A.C.E. For seven years I had few friends. I got fat by the time I was in 2nd grade year at school. So, I signed up for Karate. It took me seven weeks to realize that it did not work out too well. Then, I started swimming lessons. I was pretty good at that, except that I got ear infections all the time. By then I was eight years old and weighed 180 pounds, so I tried wrestling. That did not work out either. I took up soccer, and turned out to be the best fullback for the team I played for. I played many positions: halfback, fullback, goalie, and Roman goalie. I also played basketball for a year or two.

Then it was time to go to middle school. Nothing particular happened there. In fact, I just got lazier and fatter. At the end of middle school, I weighed close to 300 pounds.

Then came high school, where I meet a lot of people. My friends and I played football during lunch instead of eating. I noticed that in doing so, I lost a little weight. I also walked to school, so I guessed that helped too. I started to grow very tall, reaching seven at the age of 17, and then my body did not look so bad. I weighed about 380 and started to play basketball again. About a year later, a Japanese man started to pop up wherever I went. One day I finally asked him what he wanted, and he told me I had then potential to become a mage. His name was Mu-lie, and he was an Akashic Brother. He became my mentor and took me to Tibet to study with him.

Trying to figure out his way of life and learning Korean the hard way took a couple of years. When we got to perfecting the mind and body part, I learned many things, like to expect the unexpected. After three years he released me back into the world. I learned his teachings well.

After awhile of living the poor man's life, an old friend who had become rich asked me if I wanted a job as a bodyguard. He had earned his riches through Mafia-type stuff. I took him up on the deal, and lived the rich man's life, until I stumbled upon a chantry of Hermetics. There, I met some old friends who had also become mages: Jen, Robert, and Evan. The person I was working for turned out to be a mage also...