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Cabal history...

When we started playing Mage, our cabal had no name. The group of people playing was so touch-and-go that we never really had a true cabal. The only constant factors were myself, Noe, and Evan. Looking back, a cabal consisting of a Virtual Adept, an Orphan, and an Akashic Brother is rather strange to say the least, but the irony would continue to grow.

The group of constants got larger and even more diverse. We were joined by Dakotah and Frank (Hermetics), Anton (a Dreamspeaker then a Son of Ether), Rebecca (a Celestial Choruser), Rachelle (another Orphan turned Verbena), Kenneth (a Cultist of Ecstasy), and Lee (another Akashic Brother). We were informed that with such a large group, a cabal name was necessary. For some reason, leadership of the cabal had inadvertantly fallen onto my shoulders, so ultimately I was responsible for the name. With help from Dakotah, I found the perfect name: the All-Seeing Eye. It reflected the fact that we had views from nearly every walk of life. It had extra meaning to me, being a VA with my "all-seeing eyes". It seemed so right.

Now, several years of game time later, several other cabal-mates and I have found that we don't exactly see eye-to-eye with all of the others. Considering this to be only natural, we formed a sub-cabal. I chose the name Freedom's Flame; the other members are Noe, Evan, and Lee.