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Chantry history...

Our cabal has its own chantry, and it has a pretty powerful node. Are we fortunate or not? So far, it's been a draw. But, the chantry wasn't always ours and this page will tell the history and current situation of it.

The chantry began as our safe haven, under the control of some Hermetic mages. After the Technocracy came after our group the first time, we saught asylum at the chantry. We were accepted, and did favors for the Hermetics in exchange for their housing us there. This went on for three or four years.

Then, a barabbi Hermetic who used to belong to the chantry abducted a Verbena life adept that our cabal had become familiar with. He pulled the adept, Brighthawk, into the Digital Web, along with a tree that the Master's avatar was somehow tied to. Our cabal went into the Digital Web for the first time, and after a tense situation we all had to jack out in a hurry.

Unfortunately, someone was able to trace us back. Our hurried departure burned out a few parts in my computer, so I had to transfer the VR rigs to the network in the library. Once everything was set up, Iteration X stormed the chantry's horizon realm. The Hermetics stayed behind to take themselves out with the Technocracy, while our cabal barely escaped; Noe mass-throwing us back into consensual reality.

We appeared to see the chantry as it was, sans horizon realm, sans Hermetics. It was completely empty except for Brighthawk's familiar, Copernicus, and a bunch of other bats. Even though he was in the Digital Web, Brighthawk managed to handle himself. With the help of Copernicus, Brighthawk channeled his magick through Dakotah and me and brought himself back to reality. Afterwards, he helped us to set up the magickal wards again. When that was done we pretty much had control of the place. He was the guardian of the node, nothing more, and left responsibility, for the most part, to us.

Currently, I am the chantry master. I had always been the cabal's unspoken leader, so this position fell onto my shoulders as well. The heirarchy below me is somewhat disorganized; there really is little organization in our cabal.

Our presence was discovered very shortly after we reclaimed the chantry. Through absentmindedness, we forgot to tap the node, and there was free Quintessence floating everywhere, plus a lot of tass. And what finally focused our attention on that fact was that it was about to blow out through the top of the chantry. It took all our power combined to contain the free Quintessence. And there was still an explosion. So, the police stopped by, and Evan picked a fight with one. They phoned in for backup, and Noe inadvertantly killed them with the electricity in their radios.

After a long, hectic, mob-filled day, things cooled down. Some police came over to file reports on us. The police chief, now a plot device and enemy, became the one who makes periodic check-ups on us. He is a member of Iteration X, but doesn't let his Convention's convictions (sounds cool, doesn't it?) get in the way of his work. So, since there are no formal charges we're safe from him.

So, the Technocracy knows about our chantry's occupation and presence, and they know about us (which is the part that really worries me). All of us have gotten offers to defect to one or more of the Conventions. I can only hope our integrity holds up...