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When I made a page like this for my homepage, I didn't think it would ever get updated, but I usually remember to. So, I figured I may as well put one here. If nothing, it proves that stuff actually happens.

7 June 2000
I think the songs on that CD are like spur of the moment inspiration, not really deep meaning songs like Tool's. I realized that while I was trying to find meanings. As a result, I haven't written any more meanings. I put up a list for a complete concert that I found on Napster. I'm pretty sure that's legal, right? Advocating bootlegs? Yea, whatever. Anyway, I heard from a friend that APC was on Loveline last night (I fucking missed it!) and this lady was feeling all special cos it "only took her two nights to figure out the runes." It made me feel good, since it only took me about 30 minutes. So, to highlight my skill, the rune page is now directly on the frame, as well as linked onto the CD info page.

27 May 2000
I started that meaning page. I didn't do much cos I'm not really in the mood right now. Plus I sorta wanted to start writing a concert review for X-fest, for my homepage. I only did The Hollow tonight, mainly cos that's the only one I've really sat down and tried to figure out. I mean, I could do one for Magdalena and Judith easily, but I don't feel like it. I'll probably do more work tomorrow.

24 May 2000
I guess it's about time I got around to an update. I own the CD legit now. I bought it yesterday and spent the rest of the night playing the hell out of it. I like cryptography. I spent about 35 minutes making a key for all the runes inside the CD booklet and translated all of them. They're up now. Kenjicus and I were discussing the meaning of The Hollow today over Vito's, and it made me think about putting up a page with possible meanings. I may, before the night is over. I have absolutely nothing to do until about 11.

29 April 2000
Well, actually it's 1:29 AM on 30 April, but I plan to do some more after I sleep, so I just listed this as 29 April for simplicity's sake.
This entire page came into being today. I finished all the lyrics, put up the band page, the 2000 tour dates, the CD info, the links, and the first two news articles. I made the banner and linked up the guestbook and counter. I submitted the entire thing to a bunch of search engines. I feel like I have to say that only beat me for getting lyrics to Mer de Noms on the web. I only feel slightly less important than I would have if I'd beaten them. All this work was completed between 8:30 PM and 2:00 AM.