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Please note beforehand that these are tentative at best. No one can truly know the intent behind these songs. I will be expanding this section as time permits both the analyzation, as well as the update of the page.

[The Hollow][Magdalena][Rose][Judith][Orestes][Three Libras][Sleeping Beauty][Thomas][Renholder][Thinking of You][Breņa][Over]

The Hollow

This song seems to be about a nymphomaniac bent on beating his addiction. The person likes sex, and can't get enough of it. "Cater to the hollow," seems to refer to an attempt to satifsy an insatiable sexual appetite. His appetite screams, "feed me here, fill me up again, temporarily pacify this hunger that's so cruel." The hunger will return.

Of course, this based on the assumption that the addiction is to sex. It may or may not be about some other addiction. But the next lines, "libido throe," clarify the idea that it may be. The word libido refers to the sexual urges of humans, and throes are painful spasms. The "dominoes of indiscretion" seem to imply the fact that with each sexual act, the urge becomes stronger. The cycle, "consuming, conquering, devour," is lost on his "hollow conscience."

The man is fighting his urges. It's "time to bring the fire down," and "throttle all this indiscretion." He wants to "permanently fill" the hollow. His fight won't be easy though. The hollow still screams at him to feed it.